How to Play

Do I need an Internet connection to play Qurius?

Yes, you will need an internet connection for your weather to link to the world of Qurius.

How do I level up in the Game?

You can level up by earning XP. XP is earned in various ways such as completing quests, using mills, or finishing buildings.

How do I connect to the Google Play Center?

Go to or select the Google Play App icon on your Android mobile device and search Qurius. Select the Game then Download and Install.

What are quests and where do I find them?

Quests are specific tasks you can complete to earn bonus rewards such as Weather Gems, XP and Stardust. To review your current quest, simply tap on the Knowledge Tree icon in the top right corner. Tap the Knowledge Tree icon again to dismiss the window.

What are Weather Gems?

Weather Gems are currency used to buy Decorations and Weather Beacons. Weather Gems are collected from Trees and Flowers.

What is Stardust?

Stardust is used to purchase upgrades and expand your world. Gems can be milled by the Quarks into Stardust.

What are Qbits?

Qbits are a special currency in Qurius that you can spend to speed up things like buildings and upgrades. Qbits can be purchased from the shop and can also be found when Quarks search the overgrowth.

Billing and Payment

I didn’t get my order.

If you did not receive your order please contact our support team at


The game is not loading

If your game is not loading please exit the game and clear your app history. Once you have cleared your history relaunch the Qurius application. If your game is still not loading please let our support team know your location, what device you are using and the operating system.

The game won’t install

Please ensure your device has sufficient space to install the game and that your device meets the minimum requirements listed on the Google Play Store.

What happened to my Flower after I collected the Weather Gems?

Flowers are consumed when gems are collected from them. You can acquire more Flowers through meteors.

How do I save my game?

Your game and your progress are saved automatically as you play. You must however complete the tutorial in order for your progress to be saved.

How do I obtain Weather Gems not native to my location?

We are aware that not every region can collect all weather types supported in Qurius. Players can still receive Weather Gems not native to their region through Trees! Trees are connected to other players around the world, where their weather is reflected in the Tree. You can harvest a percentage of the connected player’s weather that differs from your own!

How do the Quarks make Stardust?

Drag your Quarks to the Mill and choose a job. This will convert your Weather Gems to Stardust.

What does the Knowledge Tree do?

The Knowledge Tree is the primary link between your world and the Quarks and allows for your weather to be reflected in-game! You will need to level up your Knowledge Tree in order to expand your world with more Quarks, Decorations and new lands to explore!

What do the Weather Beacons do?

Weather Beacons are your Quark’s central hub! Each Quark has their own weather they prefer and are summoned by creating the matching Weather Beacon! When Quarks go on quests they return to the Weather Beacon with what they find.

How do I upgrade my world?

To upgrade your world, you’ll need to first upgrade the Knowledge Tree to allow you to build more Quark houses, place more Decorations and expand your world!

How do I expand my world?

You can expand your world using Lightning Bolts to blast away the purple wild overgrowth!

Why is there a limit to how many Quarks and Mills I can have in my world at a single time?

The number of Quarks and Mills are limited based on the player’s level of the Knowledge Tree.

How do I summon Meteors?

You can summon Meteors two ways, either by using premium currency or get a free meteor by watching rewarded videos.

How do I get Qbits?

Qbits are premium currency available to purchase in-game. Sometimes a player can be lucky and a questing Quark may stumble upon a Qbit while searching the overgrowth.

What is the ``Epic prize`` for the Super Meteor?

Epic prizes are special Trees and Flowers that hold a lot more gems than average.

What do the Decorations do?

Decorations make things pretty! Collect and decorate your world in your own unique way!

Why does my Quark rest?

Letting your Quarks rest generates Stardust. You don’t want your Quarks to overwork themselves!

What do different Quarks do and why do I want different Quarks?

Each Quark represents a certain weather type. To attract Quarks, players must build the Weather Beacon associated with that Quark. Players can send the different Quarks on quests to uncover the mysteries of Qurius!

Why do I need to collect the memories?

Collect them all to uncover the mystery of Qurius!

Can I turn the sound or music off?

Yes, you can reduce or mute the music by selecting the gear option in the bottom of the action button menu.

Saving the game

The game automatically saves your progress. When you exit your world, you will re-enter and find everything saved.

How do I contact support?

If you’re looking to contact our customer support, you can click the “Support” link below, or if you are in-game you can click the “Support” button that will prompt an email to our support team!